Why Qodeo

Qodeo opens up a world of business opportunities

It opens up a world of business opportunities

Qodeo is a single point of access to the global venture ecosystem for entrepreneurs, investors and corporate advisors. Qodeo is always on, monitoring the ecosystem 24/7, looking for best-fit opportunities in real time.

Qodeo reveals hidden data to give you the full picture

It reveals hidden data to give you the full picture

In today’s market, much of the available data is out of date, incomplete or both. Qodeo blends real-time data with proprietary research from 24 top business schools to provide rich insight and a single version of the truth for all parties.

Qodeo accelerates success for everyone

It accelerates success for everyone

Qodeo marks the end of the needle-in-a-haystack approach to finding investment. It increases the odds of a perfect match, cutting through the noise to connect the smart money to the right opportunities in record time.

Qodeo reduces cost and risk, and increases reward

It reduces cost and risk, and increases reward

Qodeo empowers the global venture community to do business differently - to build the right network more efficiently, to compare opportunities more easily, and to get to market faster with qualified leads that are more likely to deliver results.

What you get

Get funded quickly

Stop sending hundreds of hopeful emails; make the half-dozen calls that you know will deliver results.

Save time, energy and money

Say goodbye to the manual, complicated, and time-consuming process of researching fund raising opportunities.

Compare partners quickly and easily

Use Qodeo to conduct deep due diligence on investors, corporate advisors, peers and competitors.

Make the right connections

Make contact with the investors and advisors who can bring you ‘inside the tent’, where the deals take place.

Make sense of the venture market

Use Qodeo to find out what kind of funding is right for your business and your stage of development.

Increase the quality of in-bound deal flow

Use Qodeo to filter and qualify opportunities quickly, and at a fraction of what it costs you today.

Improve your visibility with the right people

Develop qualified networks – and make high-value connections – saving you time, energy and money.

Explore new markets with confidence

Use Qodeo’s global reach and unique data capability to explore new markets and map the competitive landscape.

Analyse your own portfolio

Compare opportunities using Qodeo’s standardised scorecard format, and keep track of progress across your portfolio.

Look after your Limited Partners

Add value to your relationships with Limited Partners, and meet new partners to expand your network.

Boost your pipeline

Use Qodeo’s qualified global network and rich insight to build high-value, low-risk pipeline.

Increase your conversion rate

Set filters to monitor the venture ecosystem 24/7 for best-fit opportunities, and let Qodeo feed the pipeline for you.

Improve profile and visibility

Raise your profile, and promote your services and your value to the global venture community.

Supercharge your rolodex

Use Qodeo for competitive edge – including direct access to the VCs and their portfolios.

How it works

Qodeo provides a real-time view of the venture ecosystem, blending live and historic data from qualitative and quantitative sources – proprietary and public – uniquely featuring insights gleaned from in-person interviews conducted with 24 of the world’s top business schools. Qodeo already tracks 17,112 organisations globally, including 1,549 VC/PE firms, representing over £567.11 bn funds under management. Qodeo blends data in real time from:

Proprietary investment firms research

Public financial data aggregators

Corporate content and live data feeds

Entrepreneur and investor profiles

Investment machine engine